Athas Capital Group

Athas Capital Group is a real direct lending platform offering innovative financing solutions to realtors, brokers, investors, and borrowers. Founded in 2008 in Calabasas Hills, California, Athas Capital Group is one of the oldest subprime lenders, and the company’s founding members and leadership team have over 50 years of combined experience in the direct lending market. Today, Athas continues to provide transparent lending programs to satisfy your unique residential and commercial funding needs.

As a nonprime lender, Athas’ clients don’t have to deal with the many obstacles associated with traditional lending platforms. There are no strict lending standards prohibiting you from obtaining a loan. We provide the best lending programs, most reliable service, and quickest closing times.

At Athas, all capital and operational decisions and processes are done in-house, which allows us to provide exceptional product offerings and service. To learn more about Athas Capital Group, please visit