3 Roadblocks to Getting a Mortgage

Ever since the housing market crash, more and more borrowers are having difficulty getting approved for a mortgage. This is because lenders have since tightened their lending policies. Here are three roadblocks borrowers may encounter when applying for a mortgage. Roadblock #1: Tighter Income Eligibility Standards While income from a second job may make a […]

Subprime Mortgage Originations Rise in 2016

Subprime and near-prime mortgage originations have increased in 2016, according to data recently released in TransUnion’s Q3 2016 Industry Insights Report. Subprime originations reached 64,000 in the second quarter of 2016, hitting their highest level in seven years. This was an over-the-year increase of almost 11 percent and the highest number since the fourth quarter […]

The Return of Subprime Lending

Owning home has long been the American dream. However, a complex financial system and strict lending policies make it difficult for many of Americans to achieve that dream. A recent report found a lot of Americans are unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan. According to the report, the median credit score for a […]